Orange County Racing appears as a fictional team in NASCAR 06 Total Team Control.

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Orange County Racing appears as a fake team in NASCAR 06. They own teams in the NASCAR National Series, and the Whelen Modified Series.

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Here are the drivers for Orange County Motorsports

NASCAR National Series

  1. 86-Jed Thomas Heavy Breathers Air Freshners Ford
  1. 90-Elliott Sadler CitiFinancial Ford
  1. 112-Luke George Zap Spark Plugs Ford

NASCAR Whelen Modified Series

  1. 53-Joey Damato Mixwell Fuel Pumps car
  1. 56-Luke Trigger Showstopper Graphics car
  1. 63-Jack Andrews Easymix Carbuerators car
  1. 86-Reese Black Courtesy Coils car

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