56- Woody Irving ( Sponsor:Lawless Root Beer)

64- Wilson Eubanks (Heavy Breathers)

82- Reed Clausen (Courtesy Coils)

83- Richard Johnson (Mucho Gas Additive)

86- Billy Chapman (Good Buddy CB Radios)

101- Stanton Carswell (Wal-Mart)

103- Stewart Claiborne (Bob's Wire Fencing)

105- BJ Fisher (Showstopper Graphix)

106- Jed Thomas (ConduCaire Vents)

107- Ryan Clement (NeeHi Septic)

108- George Teague (Lockjaw Lemon Tarts)

110- Rusty Cleveland (Outtake Intake)

116- Kris Parker (Turtle Juice Octane)

117- Ted Jones (B4 Car Parts)

119- Karl Immelman (Zombie Tachometers)

120- Jon Hamilton (Mr. Clean)

121- Casey Fletcher (EasyMix Carburators)

123- Tyson Golston (RDA Throttle Bodies)

124- Red Stuart (Jimmy Built Compressors)

128- Jake Mitchell (Zap Spark Plugs)

131- Chet Vance (Which Way)

133- Marvin Sheth (Old Spice)

135- Derrick Grant (Knights Muffler Bearings)

137- Shane Vincent (Whoa Nelly Brake Shoes)

139- Zach Van Dyke (Home Run Generators)

152- Wes Tucker (Reed's Weed & Feed)

153- Chip Simpson (Levi Strauss Signature)

164- Montgomery Davis (Mixwell Fuel Pumps)

178- Harold Jackson (Notme Mufflers)

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